Why The Academy?

The Academy of Biblical Counseling is designed to train professional counselors, pastors and ministers, and lay people in the principles of encouragement, guidance, and discipleship in all of life's struggles from a Biblical perspective. Graduates will leave with a comprehensive understanding of Biblical Counseling, both in practice and theory, as well as receiving practical tools to use as they help guide others to the only source for healing--God's Word. 

Practical training for believers whose desire is to counsel others from a biblical perspective.

Biblical Counseling for

Designed for those entering the field of Biblical Counseling as a profession. It is the most comprehensive and includes assessments after each module. Certification through Dr. Deb Waterbury is available upon successful completion of this course, as well as being added to Dr. Deb's list of "Approved Biblical Counselors." 

Biblical Counseling for
/Church Leaders

Designed for pastors and those in ministry who want to add Biblical Counseling training to their skill base. It is very similar to the course offered for professional counselors, but has no assessments or certification attached. This course is meant for individual learning at an individual pace while still offering practical instruction in counseling from a Biblical perspective. 

Biblical Counseling 101

Designed for any believer who wants further training in discipleship from a Biblical Perspective. With the lay person in mind, the course was designed to offer practical advice and guidance for all those whose hearts are to encourage and guide others in need with the Bible as their foundation. No certification or assessments are attached to this course; it is designed for self-paced learning.

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Dr. Deborah Waterbury

Hi! I'm Dr. Deb Waterbury, and I'm the CEO of "The Answer: A Biblical Counseling Center" in Tucson, AZ. As an author, speaker, and Biblical Counselor for the last 20 years, I've seen the need in today's world for the "answer," and that is only in the Bible. It's my belief that Biblical Counseling is something all believers should be able to do, and I have designed this school to help those who want to do so professionally, as part of their ministry, or in their everyday lives. My course promises to be practical and time sensitive, while also giving each participant the overall skills necessary to give help where help is needed.